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Measures related to the Corona virus.
The certificate extension policy used by NOGEPA is no longer in force. As of from 1 September 2020, no extensions will be granted due to Covid-19 anymore. The certificate extension policy that OPITO had will be used until 19 October.
Offshore Medicals.
The Offshore Operators Association from three countries involved in the North Sea: the UK UKOOA; Norway OLF; and The Netherlands NOGEPA have signed a reciprocal agreement known as the Hardanger Agreement which states that a valid medical certificate in one country will be valid in the two other countries within the agreement.
Suppliers Wintershall Noordzee.
a valid medical certificate of fitness. a valid Offshore Safety Introduction and Emergency Response training NOGEPA 0.5A/B. a valid Compressed Air-Emergency Breathing System CA-EBS training NOGEPA 0.5C. a valid VCA certificate. valid legal travel documents such as Passport or identification cards.
Deze bedrijven zijn verenigd in NOGEPA, de Nederlandse Olie en Gas Exploratie en Productie Associatie. NOGEPA behartigt de belangen van deze bedrijven en wil een open en transparante bijdrage leveren aan de transitie naar een volledig duurzame energievoorziening in 2050.
NOGEPA Training Handbook rev 8.pdf Crane Machine First Aid.
2 The OLF additional First aid, Night Search and VHF training is detailed in Additional training reference 2. 3 The NOGEPA additional First aid training is detailed in Additional training reference 3. 4 Prior proficiency requirement: Lifeboat Captain. 5 The certification validity period must comply with the accepting country guidelines.
Rescue Fire Fighting Team Leader NOGEPA 2.8B. Basis Bedrijfshulpverlener BHV Basis Brand en Ontruiming. Bedrijfshulpverlener BHV Basis Levensreddende Eerste Handelingen. Bedrijfshulpverlener basis e-learning. Herhaling Bedrijfshulpverlener BHV e-learning. Herhaling BHV Brand en Ontruiming. Herhaling BHV Levensreddende Eerste Handelingen. Herhaling EHBO Oranje Kruis. Herhaling Ploegleider BHV. Opleiding EHBO Oranje Kruis. VCA Basis Cursus Examen. VCA Basis Examen. VCA VOL Cursus Examen. VCA VOL Examen. GWO Fire Awareness. GWO First Aid.
Hergebruik van offshore mijnbouwinstallaties Omgevingsweb.
Guidelines and Standards for removal of offshore Installations and Structures on the Continental Shelf and in the Exclusive Economic Zone.; Verdrag inzake de bescherming van het mariene milieu in het noordoostelijk deel van de Atlantische Oceaan OSPAR; en. 1998 OSPAR Decision 98/3 on the Disposal of Disused Offshore Installations. NOGEPA Standard 45; en.
Subsea containment system allows quick response to well control incidents YouTube.
Tp europe helps reduce methane emissions from offshore production platforms TP Europe.
NOGEPA has issued a number of standards and guidelines in connection with safety and environment aspects of production facilities and a covenant on environmental reporting where also fugitive emissions are an important topic. TP Europe is happy to put its expertise in the field of LDAR at the disposal of these organizations to help them to achieve their goals.

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