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Nogepa.nl Ons Aardgas.
De energievoorziening van de toekomst Ons Aardgas.
Zo kan de sector de transitie naar een duurzame, betaalbare en betrouwbare energievoorziening versnellen. Dossier Het Klimaatakkoord. Laatste update: 27-06-2018. Dossier Noordzee systeemintegratie. Laatste update: 01-06-2018. Laatste update: 20-06-2018. 125 gasvelden zijn wel ontdekt, maar nog niet in productie genomen. Ons Aardgas nl OnsAardgas.nl is een initiatief van NOGEPA Heeft u een vraag?
Over OnsAardgas Ons Aardgas.
Events Vind hier een overzicht en verslagen van NOGEPA events. Ga naar Nogepa.nl voor meer informatie over NOGEPA, voor guidelines, standards, en andere downloads, en voor NOGEPA extranet link. 125 gasvelden zijn wel ontdekt, maar nog niet in productie genomen.
NOGEPA Guidelines for Offshore Marine Operations G-OMO.
NOGEPA represents the interests of businesses with licences to explore for or produce oil and gas in the Netherlands. Our aim is to produce oil and gas in the Netherlands, onshore and offshore, efficiently, safely and with respect for the environment, but also to achieve a positive relationship between the industry and society.
Information Materials for OPITO Training Providers.
A mutual acceptance is in place between NOGEPA, Danish Operators, Norwegian Oil and Gas Association and Oil and Gas UK that recognises safety training given at an approved centre will be accepted in accordance with the attached matrix ultimately developing a common standard to prepare the workforce to achieve a high level of competence in basic safety. HUET Diver Training Program. The HUET Diver Training Program document provides details of training and development to equip the qualified diver with the specific knowledge and skills required to undertake the role of HUET diver. Request for change form OPITO Standards. This document is a guide to making a request to change to an OPITO Standard. It includes the sequential steps that should be followed to ensure the Request for Change process is effective, and the form that should be completed to initiate the request for change. The form can be submitted by a training provider, oil and gas company or an auditor for a request to change any of our standards. Competence Assessment and Verification Guidelines.
NOGEPA has produced guidelines for training employees of mining companies and their sub contractors. These guidelines are laid down in the NOGEPA Training Handbook revision 4. The IRO Safety and Training Group is closely involved in the regular revisions of the NOGEPA Training Handbook.
NOGEPA Industry guideline no.6 code of practice for safty standby vessels Seafarma.
In the context of rescuing people who have ended up in the sea from the offshore installation a sea vessel must comply with certain requirements. This NOGEPA guideline gives an overview of the requirements set for the vessel and her crew to be able to function as a safety standby vessel.
Standards Guidelines NOGEPA.
Overview NOGEPA Guidelines 47.03 KB 41 downloads. Guideline 2: HS Guideline 02 Offshore Containers 2007 141.54 KB 5 downloads. Guideline 6: 06 HS NL Standby Vessels 289.85 KB 10 downloads. Guideline 6: 06 HS EN Standby Vessels 266.87 KB 32 downloads.

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